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Softfoot Torquil TR

Torquil is a quiet chap with outstanding fleece characteristics and a great pedigree.

Softfoot Torquil TR

Softfoot Torquil TR, IAR: 236891, D.O.B: 07/05/2019

Torquil is our little gem, he's a special character with the most amazing fleece. This boy packs it on; he is insanely dense with an impressive length and very high frequency crimp. He barely has any hair on his brisket and no visible hair anywhere else. Opening cleanly and in big bundles displays his highly organized and aligned fleece, which extends right under the belly and down his extremities.

His 2022 fleece was definitely one of the stand outs in our herd.

He has a very proportionate and macho conformation.

Torquil sadly has not attended any shows largely due to the pandemic but his fleece was entered into Toowoomba show 2022 and he won 1st place, white adult with an impressive score.

Fleece stats:

2022 - 20.7m, 4.6 SD, 22.2% CV, 96.3 CF 

Softfoot Torquil
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