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Lakeland Uptown Funk

Uptown Funk is our up and coming grey stud male who has had a great start to his show career

Lakeland Uptown Funk IAR: 260382 D.O.B: 02/05/2022

'Funky' is our first grey ever bred on farm from a fawn sire - Alpacaspecialist Legend and leopard appaloosa dam - Ambersun Paint drops.

We were surprised when Funky appeared, we had no clue what colour he was (he looked fancy and multicoloured) but his fleece really started coming along nicely and once he was shorn, he looked fabulous and was the most beautiful rose grey.

The quality of his fleece kept shining through and was getting better and better. For a grey Funky has a fleece full of character and style which you often don't get. His consistency and style extends down into his extremities, which you would never know because he stomps and kicks, but despite the protest against his appendages being examined the judges could see through this and awarded him some fantastic ribbons, kick starting his show career, which we hope continues and earns a spot as a stud here at Lakeland.

Fleece stats:

2022 - 16.9m, 4.0 SD, 23.6 CV, 100% CF

2023 -

Show results:

- 2023 Grafton Colourbration, 1st Junior grey male and Champion grey male

- 2023 Glen Innes Alpaca Show, 1st grey male, Reserve champion intermediate male

- 2023 Goulburn Christmas Carnival of colour, 1st intermediate grey male, Champion grey male

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