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​Wethers, pets and herd guardians for sale.


Wethers are castrated males and commonly fill the roles of pets and herd guardians as well as being fantastic fiber producing animals. A minimum of three pets will be sold together unless you already own alpacas.

Females no longer used for breeding or are unable to breed make great pets and can be aggressive towards predators making them suitable guardians or livestock protectors as well.


Our wethers often sell before we advertise them so please do contact us to see what we have.


Please note, not all alpacas make suitable guardians and alpacas cannot guard against a pack of dogs.

They may be able to deter a lone dog, but a hungry pack are very cunning and able hunters; alpacas are great at scaring off foxes and small packs of dingos as well as 'unusual threats' such as lizards, possums, cats, turtles, koalas, snakes, kangaroos and anything else they're not happy about seeing in their paddock and will often alert you to the intruders presence using their own unique warning sound.    


DSC03189 (2).JPG

Lakeland AL Mercucio

IAR: 245007 D.O.B: 23/04/19 M Fawn and Lakeland AL Maverick

IAR: 245012 D.O.B: 19/05/19 Roan

These lovely boys will soon be available for sale after shearing and weaning. They'll be fully up to date with vaccinations, injections and drenching and ready for their loving new homes.

Both are sired by Alpacaspecialist Legend and exhibit hugely soft fleeces and just as fantastic personalities, these cheeky boys will not disappoint and they'll certainly brighten your day!


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