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Here y​ou will find a selection of females from weanlings to experienced breeding females and 3 in 1 packages which consist of a pregnant female with cria at foot; perfect pets to high quality fleece animals.

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We are happy negotiate on packages of females if you're looking to start your herd here.

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Alpha Centauri Airlie and Lakeland Ella

D.O.B: 20/10/2017 IAR: 218771 and 18/06/2020 IAR: 245023

Solid White huacaya female with light fawn female cria at foot

Sire of Airlie: Bedrock Sentinel, Sire of Cria: Alpacaspecialist Legend

2019 Fleece stats for Airlie: 19.9 m, 4.9 SD, 96.6% CF

Airlie is a stunning young alpaca with lots of soft fleece and has a happy outgoing personality to match. Her cria Ella is a little sweet heart too (pictured on the left in the two photos). Her sire Legend has produced many supreme ribbon winning alpacas and he passes on his good nature and strong fleece qualities.

If you are looking for a beginner package to start your breeding and showing interests or just looking for some well bred pets these girls are definitely well worth taking a look at. 


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Yaringa Gyn Spring Magic and Lakeland Highland Gin

D.O.B: 12/03/15 IAR: 211346 and 24/03/2020 IAR: 245020 

Dark fawn huacaya female and Light fawn male cria at foot

Sire of Magic: Coonawarra Gladiator, Sire of Gin: Windsong Valley Highland Chief

2019 fleece stats for Magic: 22.4 m, 3.8 SD, 97% CF

Boasting very pleasing fleece stats for a dark coloured breeding female, Magic is also a producer of quality cria and would make an excellent companion for Airlie and a great alpaca for anyone looking to enter the show ring. Magic is an outgoing female but commands interaction on her terms only, her cria Gin is a curious little fellow who is on the brink friendly, he's just a little shy and just needs a little age and confidence to help him out of his shell; Gin is almost ready to be weaned and begin halter training. Chief has also produced Supreme ribbon winners and holds the desirable fleece qualities into his old age and I have no doubt that Gin's fleece will too, he has a beautiful head and stocky frame and could be suitable for showing and breeding.



Lakeland Willamina

D.O.B: 30/03/19 IAR: 245005

Solid Medium Brown huacaya female

Sire: Yaringa Lord Louis Dam: Bunya Bella

2019 Fleece stats: 19.9 m, 5.2 SD, 96.5% CF

Mated to Windsong Valley Highland Chief (LF) 09/05/2020: Pregnancy TBC

Willi is a very pretty maiden with very soft handling brown fleece and her mating to Chief should produce a gorgeous cria with bundling, stylish locks and minimal guard hair. Her dam Bella, still exhibits very low micron and I can see Willi's fleece being very commercial, usable and desirable for the fleece market or home spinners and crafters for years to come. While Willi doesn't quite exhibit the qualities we are looking for in our breeding animals she certainly exhibits the personality traits we look for, very out going, very curious and protective over the little ones meaning she will be a great mother herself when the time comes.


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Malakai First Proposal

D.O.B: 22/03/2017, IAR: 232858

Solid White huacaya female

Sire: Blue Grass Star Warrior Dam: Malakai First Edition ET

2019 Fleece stats: 21.6 m, 4.5 SD, 95.8% CF

Mated to Windsong Valley Highland Chief 24/11/2019, has been confirmed and is due: 10/11/2020

Poppy is a great addition as a quality breeding female to any herd, she has been shown locally and always came 2nd to her herd sister who we are retaining. You can see Poppy is due to give birth in just under four months, this cria should be very pleasing and I'd love to see what this pairing produces.

She is quite shy but like most alpacas she opens up when food is offered and of course she is halter trained.


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Elitealpaca Palila

D.O.B: 23/03/2012, IAR: 173100

Light Fawn huacaya female

Sire: Alpha Centauri Outlaw Dam: Jolimont Pennie

2019 Fleece Stats: 27.4 m, 4.9 SD, 77.3% CF

Mated to Yaringa Lord Louis (BLK) on 13/10/2019, confirmed pregnant and due on 29/09/2020

Palila is a darling and a great addition to any herd, if you are looking for a hassle free alpaca and a great mother, then you should consider this female; She is friendly, outgoing and being a slightly older alpaca she is very experienced at alpaca-ing, so she's great if you're just starting out and need a trustworthy alpaca to show you how its done. Having said that Palila doesn't really like to travel and isn't fond of moving home and can be a bit anxious and unsettled until she feels at home; when we first bought Palila it took about two weeks for her to relax and about a month to be in a position she was ready to trust us and not dart off; for this reason I would prefer to sell Palila to her forever home and with a companion, even if you own alpacas already. I will be happy to negotiate with the price on Palila to be sold with a friend and to ensure she goes to her forever home.


20190827_140946 (2).jpg

Pending up to date photo

Lakeland Aubrey 

D.O.B: 04/11/2019 IAR: 245016

Light fawn female huacaya

Sire: Alpacaspecialist Legend Dam: Ambersun Saxon Beauty

Aubrey is a lovely young girl ready for her new home, she is very well grown as well as outgoing, easy to handle and loves her food. She's sure to be your best friend if you have a handful of something delicious. Aubrey has not been shorn yet and as most young alpaca still has her cria fleece and is walking around like a haystack, so other than being very fine, lustrous and showing good staple length I have no real comments on her fleece. Her dam is a ribbon winning alpaca and Legend's show record speaks for itself, so I have no doubt she will be a lovely girl with a big breeding future ahead of her.



Cedar House Leranda Cascade
D.O.B: 21/12/2017 IAR: 247731
Solid white female huacaya

Sire: Windsong valley Amadeus, Dam: Leranda Ridge Cascade
Mated to Windsong Valley Highland Chief on 02/11/19 due on 18/10/20

Cascade, exhibits a beautiful fine and soft handling fleece with great staple length, this fleece has great commercial viability and I am certain with this mating will produce a cria with a highly commercial, lustrous fleece and  suitable for the show ring as well. Cascade isn't the most friendly alpaca and isn't really suitable as a child's pet, she is definitely suited to a breeding herd situation and should provide quality cria with good mating's for many years to come. She is compliant though and moves easily through lane ways and catch pens.