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Malakai Greylord

Greylord is a wonderful rose grey with a peachy hue; a quality stud male whose fleece is aging really well with an excellent temperament.

Alluring ET
Alluring ET

Malakai Greylord IAR: 218533 D.O.B: 20/06/2017

Greylord is from the iconic Blue Grass Waterloo Sunset and our very special dam Pentland pleasance.

He is exhibiting a gorgeous, low micron, highly consistent and dense fleece with very impressive length into his advancing years. His calm temperament makes him an absolute pleasure to work with and have around.

Pictured above with his maternal sister Alluring ET who has been highly awarded, Champion grey female at the 2022 Victorian Colourbration and 1st Junior grey female at Sydney royal. 

At 12 years old, their dam, Pleasance is boasting an exceptional fleece which is low in micron, highly organised and packing solid length that does not look like it belongs to a 12 year old.

Fleece stats:

Show results:

- 2019 Ballarat show 1st Adult grey male

- 2019 Colac show 1st Adult grey male

- 2019 Lardner show 1st Adult grey male

- 2019 National Alpaca show 1st Adult grey male

- 2019 Seymor show 1st Adult grey male

- 2022 Victoria Colourbration 2nd senior fleece

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